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"Extra, Extra" - Faux Gummy Purse

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This resin & acrylic pop-art purse was lovingly finished in the USA by resin artist Elizabeth Ayerle. Each piece made by artist Elizabeth Ayerle is a limited edition work that comes with a signed and numbered authentication card.

  • Limited Release of 5

  • Made to Order. Ships in 6-8 weeks

  • Materials: Epoxy Resin and Candy on a clear acrylic tray (base purse made in china)

  • Cleaning: Wipe fingerprints and dust off gently with microfiber cloth.

  • Care: Keep away from extreme prolonged heat (above 120F/50C) to prevent warping.

  • Materials: Resin, Faux Candy & Glitter on an Acrylic Purse

  • Clasp: Don’t force clasp. It is delicate and opens in one direction only.

**Hand Made Note: Minor variations in surface texture, including micro bubbles and dust are part of the handmade appeal of the piece and should be expected.**