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"Berry Jealous" - Faux Gummy Purse

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This resin & acrylic pop-art purse was lovingly finished in the USA by resin artist Elizabeth Ayerle. Each piece made by artist Elizabeth Ayerle is a limited edition work that comes with a signed and numbered authentication card.

  • Limited Release of 5

  • Made to Order. Ships in 6-8 weeks

  • Materials: Epoxy Resin, faux gummy bears and sprinkles on an acrylic purse (base purse made in china)

  • Cleaning: Wipe fingerprints and dust off gently with microfiber cloth.

  • Care: Keep away from extreme prolonged heat (above 120F/50C) to prevent warping.

  • Materials: Resin, Faux Candy & Glitter on an Acrylic Purse

  • Clasp: Don’t force clasp. It is delicate and opens in one direction only.

**Hand Made Note: Minor variations in surface texture, including micro bubbles and dust are part of the handmade appeal of the piece and should be expected.**

Candy: In order to provide crisp clarity and increase the longevity of your piece, Liz employs industry best practices including, using the highest quality non-toxic resin, protectively coating organic material as needed and applying resin in many layers to reduce over-heating during the curing process, minimizing bubbles & yellowing. Additionally, she chooses the candy types best suited to preservation in resin. That being said, organic material and specifically food items are perishable and will change as the piece ages over the course of years, this may include fading or browning. Store out of direct sun to help maintain the vibrancy of candy pigments, UV light degrades all pigments over time.