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Modern Citrus

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This translucent tray has been lovingly finished in Pennsylvania by resin artist Elizabeth Ayerle, using dried citrus preserved in archival quality resin. Inspired by the clean lines and vibrant tones of mid-century modern design, "Modern Citrus" features, orange, lemon and grapefruit slices. Expect small variations in each tray because of the organic nature of the dried citrus and hand-painted metallic details.

  • Edition of 5
  • Made to Order
  • Size: 14” x 11” x 2”
  • Materials: Epoxy Resin and Dried Citrus on a clear acrylic tray (base tray made in china)
  • Cleaning: wash by hand with warm soapy water & dry
  • Care: Keep away from extreme prolonged heat (above 120F/50C) to prevent warping. Store away from direct sunlight to preserve the life of the natural citrus pigments.

    About the Resin:

    • Once cured, it is fully inert and can be safely used as a food contact surface.

    • ArtResin has been vigorously tested by a third party for leaching and migration across worldwide standards and passed every test: when used as directed, cured ArtResin will not leach any substances into food that comes into contact with it

    Dried Citrus:

    All organic material is dried and pressed by the artist prior to placement in resin. This reduces any chance of transparency, fading or browning over time. That being said, organic material can be unpredictable and may change and evolve as the piece ages developing a unique patina over time.

    * Small variations in surface texture, including micro bubbles and dust are part of the handmade appeal of the piece and should be expected.